The company

Miguel Guedes Arquitectos provides a range of services connected to the activity of architecture, urbanism and construction, namely: architectural projects, urban projects, landscaping projects, engineering projects, legalizations, utilization permits, architectural surveys, geo-referenced topographical surveys, existing tree cover surveys, interior design/construction, energy and environmental certification under the construction certification system LiderA.

It arises from a number of other companies of wich its managing partner Miguel Ferreira Guedes de Carvalho was a partner. The first company from wich he was a part of was AR, arquitectos reunidos, lda, between 1988 and 1993, having departed in 1993 to constitute the first Miguel Guedes, arquitecto, lda, wich he kept until 2006, when, associated with the architect João Aires Pereira, constitutes Miguel Guedes, Aires Pereira, arquitectos, lda. This association remained until the end of 2008, when he returns to Miguel Guedes, architecto, lda, this time associated with the architect Miguel Pinto Rodrigues Guedes de Carvalho, simultaneously constituting a service provider and consulting company to practice in Mozambique, based in Maputo.

The current members os the company Miguel Guedes, arquitecto, lda are the architects:



Our office window view, Miragaia, Porto . photo by Carlos Dias



Miguel Guedes, Lda is in Mozambique since November 2008, the year he had his first foray into this country driven by a project to which he was invited involving complete refurbishment and expansion of Maputo ETA, which was conducted by Mota Engil, Mozambique.

Noticing that Mozambican market could be a potential market for the practice of our activities and services, both as a company and in association with similar companies from Mozambique. Since then it has developed various projects with different companies including, Arkimoz. PDNA, Boassociados, GTO and Mozta engineering.

Usual partnerships


webdevelopers, multimedia and cowork neighbors


Carlos Melo Dias

architect, co-author of numerous work


Raul Andrade Pereira

post-graduate architect, collaborator and co-author of numerous works


Atelier do Beco da Bela Vista

landscape architects, cousins ​​/ nephews


Infor Lda

Archicad resellers and old friends


Cláudio Lima consultores

Assistência Hard e Soft ware


Get Gestão de Energia Térmica Lda


Mechanical, gas, thermal, RSECE and related


Our work searchs a better and better professional practice as a primary goal.

The concept of "sustainability" to which we added "responsibility" has been our main focus of research, training and increasing integration in our practice.

We have sought concrete ways to build well and responsibly, seeking preferably concrete and measurable methods to practice sustainable construction, such as:


Passive House - advanced training in German PassivHaus certification system developed by the Passivhaus Institut - very low energy houses

The method is based on: high thermal insulation, high efficiency mechanical ventilation, air tightness, the use of efficient bioclimatic design passive solar extremely based on site-specific climate data.

This certification is widely used in central and northern Europe (mandatory even in some provinces), and is also increasing in the southern countries. 


NZEB - Net zero energy buildings


Site architecture and sustainability

Website created in 2009 and under development with the goal of deepening the research of sustainable architecture in national and international current affairs, with a critical-oriented practice.

It is intended as an information platform to act in a pragmatic manner towards improving the practice of architecture.

A search was carried out throughout History, selecting the pieces found crucial for a better understanding of architecture, and specifically, the issues pertaining sustainability.

The website is divided in several subjects: definitions, parameters, historical context, traditional architecture, and contemporary examples of its application.

A detailed study of works is carried out (case-studies), among the countless studied and visited ( the BedZed project, Beddington Zero fossil energy development in south London, designed by Bill Dunster architects, eco-neighborhood in Freiburg, Germany, wooden construction in southern England)